Friday, 4 December 2015

Graphs and Seedlings

We are staring to work on graphing and data management in Math. While students are generally able to collect information and put it into a graph fairly easily, the questions about the information tend to be more difficult.
On this graph, most students could easily answer which ornaments the reindeer had the most or least of. Questions such as "how many more glittery bows than paper snowflakes do they have?" and "how many more paper snowflakes will the reindeer need to make to have 20 in all?"are the most difficult, and these will be the types of questions we will be focussing on in the the few weeks and into the new year.

Other things to work on include counting forwards, backwards and skip counting. Students in grade 2 can practice with numbers up to 100, and skip counting by 2, 5 and 10, forwards and backwards, at multiples and non multiples.

Students in grade 3 are working on counting forwards and backwards with numbers up to 1000. You can also start practicing counting by 3 and 4, in order to get ready for multiplication.

We started to plant some beans in a bag wrapped in paper towel and soaked in water. When they started to sprout, we planted the ones that were growing in soil. This week, one of the seeds we planted sprouted out of the soil! This is called a seedling. Some of our seeds grew, and some of them did not. We think it is so cool how they look when they are sprouting.
Shared writing project with students.....our first shared blog post!!!

We had so much fun singing at the winter concert. We worked really hard to present our songs to everyone. We felt so proud of the Winter is Fun song because there were lots of different parts, like instruments, dancing, chanting and signing. Also, we wrote it ourselves!!

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  1. The Winter Concert was amazing!! So proud of Stevenson for such an awesome Job! The graphs look like you need to think but also like a lot of fun!
    Good luck with your beans!
    Great job!